Membership Renewals


Contact the Registrar to re-join the club.

Fees are levied as at 1st July each year and are payable by 31st July.

NOTE: Due to the Special General Meeting being deferred to 13th June, the dates for 2023 only are:
Fees are levied as at 1st August and payable by 31st Auguest.

If you have a veteran vehicle under the Club Permit Scheme registered with this Club, you must remain a financial member of the Club for the permit to be valid.

Under Victorian Club Permit System rules VCCA(Vic) is required to advise VicRoads if a member becomes un-financial.



Membership Fees

OPTION A   If electing to receive printed copies of Brass Notes by post
                      plus electronic copies by email       $90.00

OPTION B   If electing to only receive electronic copies of Brass Notes
                      by email       $55.00

Renewal Options

Members have the option renew their membership using our on-line system or by hard copy (as in previous years)

Although both options are available and accepted, members are requested to use the on-line option, if at all possible, as it significantly reduces the processing workload on your hard-working Registrar and Treasurer.

On-Line Renewal

Click the button below and complete the On-line Renewal
and pay by VISA/Mastercard, EFT or Cheque

A Help Line for on-line Membership Renewals operates 24/7 for
Michael Holding
(Mobile) 0407 008 895

Hard Copy Renewal

Refer to your Renewal Letter received in June and follow the instructions.

Remit your payment (using Direct Deposit or cheque / money order) and post or email the completed Renewal Declaration as directed on the form.

NOTE:  Your completed Renewal Declaration must be received by the Registrar for your Hard Copy Renewal to be processed.