Membership Renewal Application

You should have recently received your 2022/2023 Membership Renewal Notice.  Refer to the notice as you complete this Renewal.

If you are completing this online renewal you are NOT required to return your amended Renewal Notice

Check your Membership Renewal Notice and note any errors, omissions or changes to the data we have on record.  Note any vehicle updates.  You will be asked to list these changes at the Checkout. 

Select the Membership Type you want from the drop down box and click “Add to cart” to register your purchase.

If you wish to make a voluntary donation to the Library Fund select an amount from the drop down box and click “Add to cart” .  (If you do not wish to make a donation, simply ignore and move to the next step.)

If you accidentally click “Add to cart” on an item, you will be able to correct errors on the next screen.

Membership Renewal

Choose Membership Type
and click “Add to cart”

Voluntary Library Donation (2022/2023)

Voluntary Library


When you are finished, click any “View cart” button