Author: Brian Hussey.

The Four and More Rally held over the weekend of 25th to 28th of April in Corowa N.S.W, was in every way a Country Rally. With hospitality in true Country style; Starting with an introductory B.B.Q, on the Thursday evening to kick things off. Rally Directors David Lang and Don McPherson did a ‘roll call’ to pass Rally Packs to the entrants. This was a good thing as each saw the other and could (or could not) recognise and put names to faces. It was great to see the Coutts and Wards there from N.S.W, as we enjoyed balmy conditions in the outdoors for the meeting and greeting. Corowa established in 1858, with a population of some 3,500 is on the banks of the Murray and is the largest town in the Federation Council. It is said the name could have been derived from an Aboriginal word referring to the Curra Pine, which yielded gum used by the Aboriginal people to fasten the heads of spears to the shafts. Day one Friday: Starting at 9-00 am, took entrants through the hamlet of Walbundrie to the Morgan’s lookout. Named after the notorious bush ranger Mad Dan Morgan. An impressive job of local Engineering which was a fully Galvanised structure, it was fully funded and provided for the public by the Local Jaycees and the Paech family it is situated on the Paech Family Farm. The pictures of this will give some idea of the size and difficulty of the job. Engineers from an Albury based company did the measure; went away made it up and returned with the structure which “bolted together and fitted the rocky outcrop perfectly”. Next stop was Walla Walla to view the most original wagon… From here entrants next stop was Walla Walla to view the most original historic Wagon that transported a family of Lutheran migrants from South Australia.

The next stop and directly opposite in the main street was an inspiration to all; the Kotzur Engineering works, who’s main purpose was the manufacture of Silos. Working mostly with Stainless Steel there are silos of all sizes made and transported to site or if too large made, transported and assembled on site. Started by the present generation’s Grandfather the business has grown from a tiny tin shed to a most impressive factory, the facade of which is a Stainless-Steel Silo. This was the type of success story that lays foundation in the theory that if you are passionate enough and work hard enough at something you will make a go of it. The decentralised location made the Kotzur success even more impressive. On to the Jindera Pioneer Museum an immaculately presented indoor and outdoor Museum which raised the comment “The best we’ve seen” from many present. All followed by a leisurely drive back to Corowa for dinner at the Golf Club.

Day Two Saturday: Driving again through freshly planted grain crops via Mulwala to ‘Collendina Station’. Owners Kim and Roger Matthews had put together an amazing array of scones, cakes, sandwiches etc in an undercover but otherwise open pavilion, which was adjacent to a sizable lagoon. This was to be the location of a talk given by Vic Carrol who’s family were former long- term owners of ‘Collendina Station’. Roger Matthews with wife Kim are highly skilled and experienced farmers; this was most evident in their most successful running of ‘Collendina’.  Highlighted by their humility and underlined by their generosity and hospitality. “She’ll be right mate…” Roger granted permission for the cars to drive around the periphery of the house, which is a most impressive example of early Victorian Architecture in a mansion. Rally director Don was given permission for four cars to be parked off centre in front of the house in the front garden. Many of the other cars were to follow however, in an area that had been freshly sown and watered. The outcome of which was significant destruction of the lawn area of the house. A large Bunya Pine had been recently removed from this area with the resulting soak of freshly filled root space. A shameful display of blatant disregard or more likely innocent unknowing- who knows. All effort to reimburse our hosts was treated with gracious understanding, ”She’ll be right mate”, said Roger. A drive through  open country- with barely a modern car in sight, via Rennie, to the Corowa Federation Museum followed. Entrants could browse the most interesting display, or just catch up on the day’s activities and chat amongst the parked Veteran Cars. The Corowa Machinery Club was open and running for the entrant’s amusement during the late afternoon. Dinner at the R.S.L, where Ben Alcock did a fine job of the formalities and guest speaker Alan Handberg provided a most entertaining story on Corowa’s role in Australia’s Federation. This along with his extensive experience in management roles in the Automotive Industry.

Day Three Sunday: This was a breakfast and farewell at the Corowa Chocolate Factory before an early departure. Both Don McPherson and David T Lang are to be congratulated on putting together a Pay as you go Rally. A low cost, layback, Four and More. A Country Rally where both Urban and Country members could enjoy great company, with renowned Australian hospitality, on quiet roads where a spot more rain would go down well but never dampen spirits.