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The VCCA (Victoria) was founded in 1955 and caters for those who are interested in Cars, Commercial Vehicles and Motorcycles manufactured before January 1st 1919. Please note that membership is open to anyone with an interest in these early vehicles. It is definitely not a requirement  to own a veteran vehicle, membership of the club is a great way to enjoy a common interest and a fascinating hobby.


Our two day RACV sponsored Annual Tour is held each November. A weekend “Icicle Tour” is held in July, a weekend 1 & 2 Cylinder Tour is held in March each year and one-day runs or events are organised each month.

 Upcoming Events

 RACV One & Two Cylinder Rally (Hamilton)

Entries close Friday 24th February – Book Now!!!

The 2017 RACV 1 & 2 Cylinder Rally will start on Thursday afternoon with a short shake-down run around Hamilton Airport before a welcome barbecue at the Hamilton Vintage Car Club rooms. Total distance is 25km.

Friday’s run will be to Penshurst to learn about the volcanic history of the region, followed by a visit to Stonefield Winery. Lunch will be at the Penshurst Hall. Dinner will be held at rally headquarters (the Comfort Inn Grange Burn), including a talk about the early motoring garages in the district. Total distance is 90km.

Saturday morning will be free to visit the local car museum, the Hamilton Art Gallery or enjoy a guided walk around the Church Hill area of Hamilton. In the afternoon, we will travel to Arrandoovong Homestead at Branxholme. The Rally Dinner will be held at rally headquarters on Saturday evening with a band providing the entertainment. Total distance is around 90km.

The rally will conclude on Sunday with a farewell brunch from 10am at the Vintage Car Club rooms, located in the grounds of the Pastoral Museum.

Our aim this year is to run a country style rally taking in the sights and sounds of Victoria’s Western District.

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Past Events

 2016 VSCC Two Wheel Brake Rally
Health and Ill-health 11th December 2016

By Callum Walsh

Entrant’s gathered near the Shrine of Remembrance in the Royal Botanic Gardens between 7am and 8am, where they and their navigators were given the route instructions and quiz sheet for the morning’s drive.

The theme of the day was Health and Ill-health and the tour was designed to showcase the past and present locations of Melbourne’s medical facilities. Peter Donald put together the instruction sheet that had a fascinating history of each of the locations that we travelled past, some of which still had the original buildings standing there.

I spent the day as the navigator in a beautiful 1937 SS100 which was the most ‘modern’ car on the run and handled the route with ease. The VCC was represented by David Provan in the 1907 Cadillac, who won a bottle of wine for having less than two wheel brakes! Ben Alcock and James Dunshea in the Overland, Peter Latreille in the 1908 Isotta Fraschini and Brian Hussey in the ‘T’ Ford. There was also a 1906 Clement powered with a 10L American LaFrance engine, a fascinating machine! Scott and Craig Emmerson left the veteran Cadillac’s at home and brought the stunning 1923 Cadillac V63 Phaeton, also winning a bottle of wine for writing the number of brake drums the car has in Latin on the entry form. Des Dillon met us at the finish in the Alphonso Hispano Suiza, as did Graham Fossey with the Tweenie, which drew a lot of attention! Many other vintage sports cars were also in attendance including Vauxhalls, Sunbeams, Lancias, Alvis’, a Delage, a MG, a Riley, a Lagonda and an Alfa Romeo just to name a few.

Entrants gathered at the finish line around midday where the question sheets were handed in and prizes handed out, after which you could do as you pleased for the rest of the day. I had a very enjoyable day, as did all entrants that I spoke to, and I highly recommend attending next year’s event to all veteran owners.

Latrielle's 1908 Isotta Fraschini.jpg
Provan's 1907 Cadillac.jpg
Trench Warfare Cowley driven by Daniel Zampatti.jpg
Vauxhall 30-98 Wensum.jpg
Veterans and VIntage invade CBD.jpg
VSCC Pat Ryan's 1918 Vauxhall D Type GP.jpg
1906 Clement - American LaFrance engine.jpg
1906 Clement - American LaFrance engined special.jpg
1937 SS100.jpg
Alcock's Overland.jpg
Dillon's Hispano Suiza Alphonso.jpg
Emmerson's 1923 Cadillac.jpg

Annual Rally – Healesville

Photos thanks to  Frances



Monthly Meetings (Natter Nights) are held at Lynden Park Clubrooms, Wakefields Grove, Camberwell (Off Through Road) on the second Tuesday of each month at 8pm. (Except January).
Melway Melbourne Map 60 F 4. or see map below.


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