ZZ 2022 RACV Four & More Rally – Entry

RACV Four & More Rally – Beechworth

At each item, adjust the quantity required and press “Add to Cart”

An item is only selected if you click “Add to Cart”.
If you do not need an item, simply move to the next item.
Clicking “Add to cart” a second time on a particular item will include that item again.
Mistakes are easily corrected at the next step (View Cart)

Use your mouse to move to the next item.
Avoid using the Enter key as the system will think you are finished on that page and try to move to the next page

When you are finished, click any “View Cart” button to check your selections.  Read items line by line.
Correcting an error here is much easier that organising a refund or an extra payment

Use the red X to delete an item.
Use the up/down arrows to alter quantities.  If you alter quantities you must press Update Cart.