Club Shop


40th Anniversary badge 40th Anniversary Badge $30.00
cup Club Mug $6.00
sticker Cloth Badge
Windscreen Sticker
Car Badge
pin Lapel Badges (Enamel) $6.00
spoon Spoon $5.50
fork Cake Fork $4.50
hornbulb1 Horn Bulb Small $40.00
hornbulb2 Horn Bulb Large $45.00
hornreed Horn Reed Large $30.00
mirror Brass Rear Vision Mirror $100.00
speedogear Smith’s Fibre Speedo Gear Sizes 1-2-3 $6.00
motormeter Brass Motometer $95.00
Gass Burners
Porcelain Tips for Gas Burners
Name Bars
Metal/Brass Polish
Sidelight Wicks (2 Pack)
Library CD’s

All stock is available at club functions. Also by mail however a charge of up to $5.00 per item will be levied for postage.