RACV 2021 National Veteran Vehicle Rally – What to Expect

What to Expect?

  • Newsletter No 5 will be distributed to all rally entrants on June 1st.
  • Meals and Activities will be selected directly through our on-line entry system, available from August 23rd.
  • Entrants will be able to select their Meal and Activity options and pay via Visa/Mastercard, EFT or cheque.
  • Details and instructions will be sent directly to all 200 Rally Entrants.
  • A 24/7 English speaking telephone help desk will be available for anyone who needs assistance.
  • We will advertise and promote a list of pre and post event activities and places of interest for those who wish to extend their stay in the region.

When Should I Arrive?

  • The rally starts on Sunday, October 10th. 2021
  • The first function will be a Mayoral Welcome at 3pm.
  • However, to assist with COVID social distancing, registration will be spread over 3 days, commencing on Friday, October 8th.
  • Arrangements have been made for late registration for those arriving at other times.

What Happens Then?

While many of the scheduled activities are expected to eventuate it will be necessary to split groups to alternate days to meet the prevailing COVID rules. The itinerary below is a “work in progress”

“Heartbeat of the Murray”, the multi-million dollar light and sound spectacular will be available on most evenings.  The PS Pyap has been chartered for several daytime river cruises.  Discounted tickets for these attractions can be purchased through our Meals and Activities Online Order system.

A  Pioneer Settlement weekly pass will be included for everyone on your rally entry.  This pass can be used as many times as you wish throughout the event, .

Monday and Tuesday
are touring days.  One short, one long.  Provision has been made for smaller/slower vehicles so they don’t miss any of the planned activities on the longer run.
The Veteran Car Club of South Australia are planning to host a fellowship dinner on the Tuesday evening with a 1907 veteran adventure presentation.  Watch this space.

Starts with a car display at Riverside Park adjacent to the Murray River. The afternoon will see our High Tea at the Lower Murray Inn, set in the grounds of the historic Pioneer Settlement.
Following a gourmet BBQ dinner, we will commence our gaslight run (with a twist) .

Thursday and Friday   
are touring days.  Again, one short, one long. On the longest day, provision has been made to ensure the slower cars do not miss any of the day’s activities.
The Final Dinner has been a challenge in our COVID world.  Plans are taking shape for an alternative function.  We doubt you will be disappointed.

Due to current COVID rules, the Saturday Farewell Breakfast is on hold.  This will be re-visited if future rules allow.