RACV 2021 National Veteran Vehicle Rally

October 10 to October 16, 2021

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May 2nd 2021



Register for the Standby List

We know people will be disappointed that entry numbers had to be capped at 200 (400 people) but we will be maintaining a standby wait list to offer places, if, as and when entrants cancel.
You can register for this standby list using the process on the Event Entry Form page or by clicking Standby List RegistrationSubmissions will be placed on the list automatically in the order of receipt.

April 15th 2021

The Swan Hill national rally is alive. Even with the uncertainty of the changing COVID rules that may be in place in October and expected attendee numbers approaching 400, we have formed a plan that will permit the event to proceed, in a COVID safe way but still maintain the “national rally” feel.

To allow this, the following will apply:

  • Entries will be capped at 200 vehicles or 400 attendees
  • Entries will open on April 19th and close when entries reach 200/400.
  • Meal and Activity orders will be open from August 23rd and close on September 17th.
  • Entries (both event entry and meals/activities) will be fully refunded if you cancel prior to September 17th
  • Due to current COVID rules, the Saturday Farewell Breakfast has been cancelled. This will be re-visited if future rules allow.
  • Entries will be via our on-line system


Rally Home Page

Welcome to the RACV 2021 NATIONAL VETERAN VEHICLE RALLY web pages.

Based in Swan Hill on the Murray River, the theme of Rural Edwardian Australiana will dominate the event.

Suitable for both large and small veterans, steam cars and 1&2’s will easily handle the terrain and the runs. We measured one hill as a 1.7 metre climb but you will have a 3km run up so even friction drive vehicles should cope.

RACV – Principal Sponsor

Formed in 1903, the RACV played a key role in the successful development of motoring in Victoria in the veteran era, the era of interest of veteran car enthusiasts around Australia. It is therefore entirely appropriate, and very welcome that the RACV is the primary sponsor of the RACV 2021 National Veteran Vehicle Rally at Swan Hill. We thank the RACV for their active interest in the Veteran Car Club of Australia (Victoria), and for the long-term relationship with them we have enjoyed.


The event will be conducted by the VCCA(Vic) and is run under the auspices of The Association of Veteran Car Clubs in Australia (TAVCCA).


Six newsletters will be produced as the event approaches.